Monsters and SuperHeroes Psychoanalysis

English Introduction.

The purpose of this blog is to share texts and propose discussions on Monsters and SupeHeroes through history and to analyze these characters using psychoanalysis. It has been classic in literature for monsters to be the incarnation of evil and the dark side; while Heroes represent a society ideals.

I intend to show the importance of the Comic Industry an contemporary literature in the representation of integrated images of the monster and the superhero closer to human reality. To do so, I trace a historiographic line from antique times to present times around the representation of evil and good.

And everything the cursed poet says. I now here … They are just precepts to walk in the shade. Precepts that have no validity … I know … But with them I can move for now in some way … I do not bring them here to gain followers or to open disputes … I display them as a map on my table for determine well where I am.

And I am here … here … in this dark path intersection… in the darkness … in the solid darkness … Others will be closer to the light … Perhaps someone has already crossed the black, thick wall… and stomps on the other side of hell ..

León Felipe, 1942

Monstrous and Heroic Subjects.

The notion of subject and subjectivity are modern concepts. In psychoanalysis, the subject is always unknown to himself since it is unconscious.

edipo y la esfingeFreud uses the Greek myth of Oedipus to describe his clinical findings when working with neurotic patients at the beginning of the 20th century. Oedipus the tragic hero, who, escaping from his destiny, fulfills it. He kills his father and marries his mother without knowing who they are. He takes out his eyes and seeks for exile when he finds out the truth. Freud states that the parricidal desire for the father and the incestuous desire for the mother are constitutional for human subjectivity. Both fantasies are repressed in the unconscious but they determine psychic life and neurotic symptoms.halmlet

In the fifties, Lacan resorted to Hamlet as a model of the paranoid subject caught within the ghost of the father. The melancholic Hamlet must avenge his father’s murder. Unlike Oedipus, the dilemma in the prince of Denmark is the famous “to be or not to be”, existential questioning typical of the time.

My proposal implies a new literary turn in order to better understand the XXI Century subject, where the dark side predominates. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Bruce Banner and Hulk, Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader.

hyde hulk vaderIn the subsequent posts, I will work in the analysis of these characters and the reasons why I found them closer to the subject of the present century.